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Children treasure books they own. Affordable books can be found at yard sales, thrift shops, second-hand bookstores, as well as at public library book sales. Provide your child with a bookshelf or drawer for his or her own books.

Tips for Reading to Young Children

Select a place that is cozy, quiet and away from distractions. Then cuddle up together, laugh, be silly, relax and enjoy! Read with expression and enthusiasm. What children need most is a feeling of comfort about books and reading.

Money Management for Children

When high schoolers are asked where they've learned about money, most say "at home." How good are the lessons at your house? To help kids learn to handle money, parents have to set a good example and make use of appropriate transactions to explain their behaviour.


Approx. incident rate of one bit per day in a day-care facility of 60 children (3 and under) and with one breaking the skin only every few months.

So why do kids bite and what can we do about it? When children are young and still learning social and problem solving skills it is common that they try “biting” to get what they want. This is a pretty unrefined approach and clearly is not acceptable behaviour! Whether the child decides to keep up this tactic for “getting their way” or whether they abandon it, is largely influenced by the reaction of the person who gets bitten and how the care giver/parent reacts to the situation.

Call to Action

Here are a few ideas to help families with money conversations:

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